20 July 2005

Who Let the Dogs Out?



Terry Lange said...

I am still lobbying for a "Day in the Life of Phil Johnson"

pgepps said...

Hey, Phil, little tweak to this template that I think makes it easier to read. If you change the widths in the following sections (header would be optional, leave it alone if you don't want to tweak the banner), you'll get more text per screenful and still fit on 800x600 with no problems.

/* Header */
#header { width:760px;

/* Content */
#content { width:780px;
#main { width:520px;
#sidebar { width:220px;


A Birdy said...

Hi Phil - My pulpit pictures are now back up.

KS said...

Yep, I like Monday Menageries. The other posts you write are growing on me. Maybe you can write on why the Green Bay Packers is God's team for a Monday Menagerie? There has been written several books on the subject.

Phil Johnson said...


I'll give it a try first chance I get. However, I have to say, I prefer a narrow text column. It's much easier to read.

In fact, it's fair to say that the thing I hate most about reading anything on line is the ridiculous wideness of the typical text-column—sometimes requiring four or more eye-movements per line. It's nearly impossible to track, and it breaks one of the cardinal rules of publishing.

Your blog looks great, but I hate the format of blogs with wall-to-wall text. My blogdesign might be an over-reaction against that trend.

Jared said...

Scott is talking smack about "the ladies at the Boars Head."

Hey! Scott's stealing my shtick!

(Speaking of stealing: Phil, I used a bit on Spurgeon and cigars from your Spurgeon Archive for a post at Shizuka Blog. Just thought I'd let you know . . .)

Kurt N. said...

The awesomeness about a narrow template is that you can just write a little bit and it looks like you generated pages worth of content. ;)

Aaron said...

I wrote the following on Kevin Johnson's blog... we'll see if it gets past moderation :P

"Your indictment of Phil Johnson would have teeth except for the fact that he and his tradition share what neither of the others named (pre-Reformation Roman Catholicism and modern ‘evangelicalism’) have any claim to: sola Scriptura, solus Christus, sola Gratia, sola Fide…"