18 July 2005

Five things that really brightened my morning:

  1. Joe Carter's fine defense of humble certitude.
  2. Justin Taylor's post on Mark Driscoll, with a link to an e-mail where Driscoll chides the growing numbers of "young guys denying substitutionary atonement and the like after drinking from the emerging church toilet."
  3. Kevin Bauder's analysis of medieval civilization, currently posted at SharperIron.
  4. Kurt (the AfroSwede) Nordstrom's alarm over some of the commentors who frequent PyroManiac. LutherThey scare me sometimes, too, Kurt. (And for the record, by the way: I am not volunteering for the Luther role. Since Luther looked a little like Brian Dennehy, I want to nominate Tim Irvin for that.)
  5. Tim Challies' riff on my Saturday blogpost. A great improvement on what my post said. Tim summed up the point perfectly with this: "We do not need a second Reformation. The first Reformation returned us to the principles that shape and define a biblical faith. What we need are Reformers, men who will humbly return to the Scriptures, asking the Holy Spirit to guide them to the truth, sparking the light that it might once more shine brightly into the gloom that is evangelicalism, and the gloom that is the world around us. We do not need a second Reformation: we need to rediscover the first."

1 comment:

Gnarlypop said...

I pleased that someone is actually saying something nice about Mark Driscoll. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable in his church, but his mission is sound and every time I hear of something he has had to say it has been quite biblical ... though not always boomer evangelical PC. I'm interested in your take on his book.