21 July 2005

New terror on the Tube

For the most interesting and up-to-date firsthand accounts of today's lunchtime "incidents" in the London Underground, see the BBC Reporters' Log. That page is being continually updated and includes some interesting eyewitness accounts from the sites of the incidents.

This just in: Jon Trainer is blogging live from London, where he has been committing wanton acts of tourism all day, despite the heightened state of alert.

We now return you to our regularly-scheduled programming.


Matt said...

Why do you always manage to cover these things with such aplomb and dignity, while the resy of us scurry round posting summaries of the events?

Full marks for succinct blogging!

jon said...

Hey, Phil. I got a great pic of a "chic with a gun" on Trafalgar Square. Check it out at Personal Trainer.