27 July 2005

On second thought...

"There's no way to parody them," I confidently wrote. "Try to think of an exaggeration, and it's already been done for 'real.'"

Some gentlemen I am familiar with quickly rose to the challenge. They wish to remain anonymous. All they wanted made clear is that they did these during lunch hour:



So, anyway, I was going to take back my assertion that nothing is too outlandish to be marketed for real, but now I'm told two Christian publishers have heard about these and are already negotiating for the rights. That may be an apocryphal detail. I'm not sure.

As Matt Drudge would say,


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PapaCool said...

There's something for everyone and every group, isn't there?

Jeff Wright said...

Thanks for the cheap laugh.

Nathan White said...

Oh thats good, but if you thought that stuff was bad, check out this link now!

Baby Got Book

[Must use internet explorer/Windows Media Player]

(Phil, I gotta hear your input)

Nathan White said...

External link...


Sled Dog said...

Baby Got Book...

Wow, I didn't know I could learn about John Wesley from my Bible! That was somewhat funny, though...

Renee said...


That was just WRONG!!!! :-)

GeneMBridges said...

Okay, so I sent the picture of Biker Grandma to a buddy and dared him to show it to his wife and tell her he got an email from the Lord letting him peer into her future...

He'll sleep on the couch for a week! LOL

Brian said...

"Baby Got Book" already made the rounds on the secular internet comedy track.

I actually kind of liked it when I watched it a few weeks ago. :)

I think it was done with good intention but all the links to it were derogatory in nature of course.


Andrew Lindsey said...

I don't think Nathan's problem with that "song" was the intentions of the "artist" as much as the marriage of the sacred with the profane.


Brian said...


I wasn't directing my comment at him. I was just commenting in general...my thoughts about it when I saw it.


Phil Johnson said...

My input? How does one give input to THAT? It was funny, horrifying, deeply disturbing, and appalling all at once.

He DIDN'T put that together during lunch hour, I'll wager.

MacArthurFan said...

LOL Those magazines are a joke.

Clare said...


Thank you for the cheap morning amusement to brighten my dull, dull, Grey british morning!


Kim said...

No fair. I want to see one that has dictionary-grammar book-slide ruler weilding wrathful homeschool moms.

puritanicoal said...

I think it was the rock band Styx that sang, "Too Much Time on My Hands." :-)

Nathan White said...

I have to agree with you Phil.

At first I though it was a joke and I began laughing, but it kept going and going...getting worse and worse, then I was completely flabbergasted (for lack of a stronger word), and kind of filled with rage [Godly rage :)]. Oh, and since I know the real version very well from my former days (know the exact words that is), it shocked me even more.

Don A. Elbourne Jr. said...

Phil, Truth is stranger than fiction. Check out this video produced by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to promote missions. View the one: Eloise - Get Out of the Boat. She actually has a whole line of videos. Dig around the site for more.

Phil Johnson said...

Now, THAT would indeed be funny, if it weren't produced by Southern Baptists who apparently intended the message not as a parody, but as a quasi-serious statement of the philosophy that underlies their approach to ministry.

Incidentally, I live near a couple of young fellows who have been watching the thread about targeting specific communities with magazine-format Bibles.

They did some research, and discovered the following unreached people-groups for whom no Biblezine yet exists:

goth girls (this one is in development, though)
homeless people
WASPy guys with boats
schizophrenics (Suggested feature: "Oh, How He Loves You and Me")
monster truck enthusiasts
alpaca breeders

...and many more.

I think we might need to think about starting a Wycliffe-Bible-Translators-type group to make sure all the various communities get their own Biblezines by the year 2100.

As Eloise might say: "Word up, bro."