12 July 2005

Dog Days

Oh, the monotony. . .

I'm too busy to write much of substance today, and I'm not in a frame of mind to try to be provocative. I'm very sorry to add to the ennui of what is shaping up to be a bad blogweek. Both the Thinklings and Li'l Brudder's Tavernfolk are already pretty high strung, though (see below). So if you're looking for something spell-binding, give them a visit. In one place they're fighting like schoolgirls, and in the other, they're posting about their schoolgirl crushes. No way I want to try to compete with that.


Here's some quick BlogSpotting to tide you over, at least until tomorrow:

Now, finally...

Phelps alert:

A word of caution is in order about a certain person who has sometimes commented on posts at PyroManiac under assorted pseudonymns since our launch on June 1. Now she appears to have begun a blog of her own. (It's actually the latest of several abandoned blog-attempts from this deeply troubled individual). Unfortunately, her new blog contains material too blasphemous to link to. Her writing has the distinct flavor of things that have been said and published elsewhere by the infamous Phelps klan of Topeka, KS, and it is my strong suspicion is that she is somehow aligned with that family-cult. If you have never heard of them, consider yourself fortunate. Their website and their activities are a serious blight on the reputation of Christ's church. I bring it up to say I will delete any future comments posted by this person, and I would appreciate it if other commenters would refrain from knowingly engaging her in debate or dialogue of any kind in the comments sections of my blog. Thanks.

The infamous Phelps Web site has long contained a link to The Spurgeon Archive. I am embarrassed by this, but there's little I can do to stop them from linking to Spurgeon. In response, I have given them a link in the "Really, Really Bad" section of my bookmarks. I have encountered Phelps family members on line in various forums before, and both the tone and the results of their contributions to any discussion or debate are always the same as the placards they hold up at their infamous protests: utterly profane and perfectly fruitless.

"These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame" (Jude 12-13).

Update: The woman with the blasphemous blog has responded with a denial that she is in any way associated with Fred Phelps. I believe her, because I don't think a Phelps would have enough moral fibre to be properly ashamed. (I once encountered one of the Phelpses using a pseudonymn in a theological forum and confronted her. She was more than happy to admit who she really was.) It would also seem quite out of character for a Phelps to masquerade as a Presbyterian.

It's actually even more disturbing, however, to think that there is someone so unbalanced outside the walls of the Phelps compound. What's worse is that this person claims to reside not far from where I live.


Jeremy Weaver said...

It's amazing how full of hate some people are who claim to have the love of God living in them. I'm no fan of homosexuality, but in God's eyes I was just as corrupt as they. May God grant that this 'Phelps Klan' that say they believe the Gospel really come to understand it.

Jeri said...

Hey Phil---and no I am not the tortured soul who keeps making evil blogs---You said you'd include me on you're next blogspotting spree. I waited all day....And I'm STILL not on the list. And I linked back to you back before you were infamous.

I would steal a graphic to get back at you. but I already did that.


Phil Johnson said...


There. Fixed it.

Jeri said...

Too late. I grossly insultd you on my blog.


Terry Lange said...

Hey Phil,

Since you are so busy today and probably tomorrow, you could probably give us a brief rundown of what a "Day in the life of Phil" is like??

Just thought it might be an interesting topic...

Bryan said...

I've been spotted! This makes my day, even my week, perhaps even my month since I've had a very unexciting month.


Cindy Swanson said...

Good grief, Phil...you can't be expected to have an earthshattering blog post every day. Even DLee doesn't hit one out of the park every time he goes up to bat! No need to apologize for less-than-stellar blog days...it happens to everyone. :)

Momo said...

This is interesting because if this individual you speak of is the one who formerly posted as Xenophon (sp), then that individual has been used of God in my life.


How? He/she provided some C. S. Lewis quotations in the comments section of one of your posts from last month - quotations which piqued my interest enough to push me over the edge and become a Lewis reader. I have read Surprised By Joy and am now into Mere Christianity. I am being blessed!

I noticed this individual was into some sort of war on that same thread with some other people, but I didn't read much of it.

Are you sure it's the same person?

Momo said...


I just noticed you added The Texas Baptist Underground to your blog roll under "entertaining."



Jeri said...

James Spurgeon! Don't miss THE GREAT DIVORCE by Lewis, and the SCREWTAPE LETTERS, two amazing books that put human self-deception broadly (and even comically) on display.

PS to Phil:
Just to stay in your good graces, I have insulted you some more on my blog.)


Jim Crigler said...

You live in California and you think it odd that people with weird beliefs lives near you? Is this an existential crisis I'm going through, or what?

Brian said...

The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult. (Proverbs 12:16 ESV)


Momo said...

I have the Screwtape Letters bound in the same hardback volume as Mere Christianity. It's coming next.

Are we off-topic yet?

Frank Martens said...

Getting Close :)

But uhm, I'll post really quick that I love C.S. Lewis's stuff even though he was more arminian than anything.I think his reasoning behind his christian beliefs is astounding.

Anyway, I'm not surprised there's wacko's in CA, I mean Phil lives there, that's enough in and of itself! :)


Fred Butler said...

The cool word I learned today from Phil: tyro. I can't wait to use it in conversation!


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