10 July 2005

One more binge of BlogSpotting

I'm just catching up, and there are far too many links to get them all. If I missed you, sorry. You might be thinking, He looked for these links and still didn't find me. What am I, invisible? Actually, I ran out of time and energy. There were also tons of links to my post on the day of the bombings, and there was no way to link back to all of them. Thanks to you all for your prayers and kind wishes.

Notice: Starting with this post, I won't be able to link indiscriminately to every blog where one of my posts is mentioned. From now on, you're going to have to say something really clever, post something especially profound, or insult me in a very creative way to earn a spot in BlogSpotting. The posts have been too long and tedious, and I don't want to bore people. Meanwhile—


Tony Byrne said...

I made it! I am now officially famous! I'm glad you enjoyed the article ;-) Now just grant a phone interview with you, Curt Daniel and David Ponter on the subject of hyper-Calvinism and my life will be complete lol

Seriously though, I will try to talk to Curt on the phone about it one of these days. I have already greatly benefited from David's insight. Thanks again for your Primer! It's been a useful link to help friends.

Loki Odinsson said...

Thanks, Phil (sniffle). I did try to clean up my mess before you came over this time.

For the record, I generally link to you because I really want people to read your blog, not so you'll link me. Except for this time...

Agent Tim said...

Wow...I found PyroManiac before it started, then forgot about it. Then I come back, and find a fantastic site *bookmarks and prepares to link* Keep up the good work!

Agent Tim

Pilgrim said...

Thank you for the Challies chuckle. Talk about a dog chasing its tail.