02 August 2005

Taking a day or two off from the blog

I'm supposed to be getting a new laptop this week. Many will remember that I have had a few computer mishaps lately. My main computer is a laptop that goes everywhere with me. I've used laptops for more than a decade, and generally wear one out every 18 months or so. (It takes me about 10 months to wear the paint off the keycaps. Literally.)

The current laptop is already more than 2 and a half years old, and it's been the most durable computer I have ever had (even though it has had an annoying tendencey to overheat, and sporadic power-supply problems from day one). Now it's definitely time for an upgrade.

And I hate it, because it means at least a three-day ordeal installing software, transferring data, and setting up the system the way I want it. So be forewarned: I'm likely to be slightly more cantankerous than usual for the remainder of the week. And I won't get a lot done. I may post, but don't expect anything profound and insightful—or lighthearted and full of warmth.

Meanwhile, check this out: "Why Boomers resist the 'Emergent fad.'" I thought it was an interesting and candid perspective.

And if you still get bored, read Steve Hays and Steve Camp, and be sure to alternate between the two of them. That ought to keep everyone busy for a while.

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BAG said...

". . . We boomers may not like what the Emergents plan to do with it, but to who else can we pass on the church? We’re stuck with the emergent generation. They will inherit the earth. . . ."

Quote, above, taken from the article Phil linked to (author Keith Drury).

I think Keith is right, and that's a scary thought to me, as one who would be considered part of the "emergent generation" (merely because of my age 31). As I look out on the general trajectory of the so called "emergent" movement--it causes me to pray, alot (which is a good thing :). I'm concerned that the emergents have hastily dispatched with fundamental concepts, such as, "innerancy", hell, morality (notice the slippery slope), etc. Merely to be relevant to the post-modern culture (whatever that is--I think emergents are defining PoMo as much as the so called PoMo society they are trying to be relevant to).

There is at least one point I disagree with Keith, in his article. He makes a distinction between the "boomers" and the "emergents"; and argues that the boomers are getting old and tired, and are wary of the new revolution presented to the church by PoMo (emergents). I guess the point I disagree with him on, is that I think emergents are in fact boomers who realized that the boomer effort (for church renewal) has failed--thus they are looking for a new "movement". Just look at the era (boomer) that some of its most prominent "articulants" are a part of (boomers): i.e. Brian Mclaren, Dan Kimbill, etc.

My prayer is that the emergent thing is just a quick "fad" that withers away and dies. They definitely are not apart of historic evangelicalism (doctrinally).

Evangelical books said...


Just curious, what laptop do you have now, and what will you be getting next?

Anonymous said...

#5 reason why I love Phil's blog: He uses words like 'cantankerous' in everyday language...thanks, Phil! :)

Jeremy Moore said...

And I hate it, because it means at least a three-day ordeal installing software, transferring data, and setting up the system the way I want it.

sounds like someone should look Norton Ghost!!

RobertF said...

I've never been much into group thinking or in this case; generational thinking. It is often used as an excuse for not standing on Biblical principle. It is that type of attitude that I gather from the article by Drury. If you take his view to heart then everyone 40-60 are effectivly locked into whatever is supposed to be wanted by "Boomers" but just because the media says that all "Boomers" want X does not make it so, and who sets the agenda for the "Boomers"?

In the article Drury states "...but to who else can we pass on the church?" My answer is that the church will be passed on to faithful men of all types "Boomers", "Busters", "Xers" etc.Just as it has from the beginning of the church.

There will be non doctrinal changes made as always. But as a 38 year old (just under the Boomer cutoff I believe) I trust that the Lord will continue to call his Church, and we who strive to be approved workmen will continue to not be ashamed. So if younger people want different lighting and music style, ok that may be accomodated. But if anyone wants to claim a generational "right" to change the message of the cross, Paul gives the answer clearly in Galations 1:8-9

MTG said...

Just as long as The Boss is comfy....

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Purchase an Apple and all of your wildest dreams will come true. It's kinda like voting for Pedro.