11 August 2005

Commenters' gallery

Well, the redoubtable Centuri0n finally updated his blogpicture a couple of days ago, so that we have a better idea of what he really looks like. That prompted me to compile a list of outstanding blogpics from the various people who have commented here at PyroManiac. If I left you out, it doesn't mean I thought your picture was ugly or uninteresting. But I have a limited amount of time, so here's the short list:

  1. Brad Williams, "Sojourner" and baptist pastor, communes with a frog.
  2. Frank Turk, "Centurion," renaissance man, all all-around good guy has a dramatic enough glow emanating from his head to make any Catholic saint or Eastern Orthodox icon look lame by comparison.
  3. Fatbaptist, who works for the Ministry of Defence in the UK and knows me from my visits to the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, poses with a picture of my favorite Baptist preacher.
  4. Impacted Wisdom Truth, my near-neighbor, is dressed in tails and a top hat. He looks like Dr. Demento, minus the beard.
  5. The first time I saw the thumbnail version of Carla Rolfe, I thought there was a bullet hole in the picture just beneath her chin. But when you see the picture full size, it turns out to be the camera lens through which she took her self-portrait.
  6. Loki Odinsson, "The Thirsty Theologian" looks like a smart guy.
  7. Habitans in Sicco uses a famous painting by Quentin Massys, based on a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci. I've seen the original of this painting, by the way. It hangs in the National Gallery in London, in Trafalgar Square. It's the very definition of ugly. Just like Habitans. (I know who he is, though his identity is a closely guarded secret.)
  8. Joe of "Joe's Jottings" seems to be holding a beverage of a questionable sort—but it could be a mini Lava Lamp®. Hard to tell.
  9. Charlene Moore, Canadian artist, has a simple self-portrait. Her blog features more examples of her artwork, including this bonus self-portrait.
  10. Kim, Canadian homeschool mom, uses her beagle's picture.
  11. Bret Capranica looks too staid to be one of the dawgs at Fide-O.
  12. Jeremy Writebol from "Fellowship of Nicaea" poses in a Cubs' T-shirt with cotton candy.

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Away From The Brink said...

Dear Phil:

Thanks for the link love.

Actually, I do have a scruffy beard in the photo; the photo is just too small to tell.

This companion photo is a bit larger and you can see the scruffy goodness of several day's growth of beard.

The photo was taken by one of my roommates at the time (how many years ago? Not telling. Nope).

Anyway, the girls in our Bible study were throwing us guys an 1800's themed party; Victorian, I guess. That is my excuse for this getup, and I am sticking to it.

Patrick Chan said...

Cool, thanks Phil. It's always nice to have a face to go with the words. :-)

Kim said...

I always wondered what that strange picture of habitans was. Downright scary.

Carla Rolfe said...

A bullet hole? Phil... you're weird. (I suspect you already knew that, eh?).

Kay said...

Actually Carla, I though you were pointing a gun at the viewer, so I was really relieved when Phil explained it, LOL!

Brad Williams said...


I was, um, just preaching the gospel to every creature under heaven. When the people don't listen, I'm "Apostle to the Amphibians."


I thought that it was one of those old radio microphones and you were singing into it.

Steve said...

Thanks, Phil, for shedding light on two mysteries that have haunted me in the course of following your blog. Like Kim, I'd always been baffled by the ghastly/hideous picture used by habitans, and couldn't figure out what it the world it was. As for Carla, I kept vacillating between an old radio microphone, an old telephone operator's speakerpiece, and what IS that black hole?

Jeremy said...


I know you can't see it - but the hat is a Cubs hat too! Thanks for the Blogspot.


Kim said...

Steve, I'll answer for Carla because I've seen that black hold up close and personal....I've had my picture taken with it. It's a fantastic digital camera. She's a great photographer.

Clare said...

Good ole Spurgeon...

He starts conversations AND gets me onto prominent blogs!

Oh, and he was a good preacher ;-)


Anonymous said...

The banner on my real blog has pics varying from Falwell to Knox.

Steve said...

Thanks, Kim. And I'm sure Carla appreciates your compliment!

Loki Odinsson said...

"The Thirsty Theologian" looks like a smart guy.

A picture is worth a thousand words. No one said those words have to be true.

Carla Rolfe said...

Hmmm, mic, gun, bullet hole & speaker piece. You people are funny. Maybe it's time to do a new profile pic, since this one was so confusing.

I have to admit, the gun idea was good. :-) So fitting for a Baptistic, Sovereign Grace, Homeschooling mom, eh?

Kay said...

Actually, I thought it was quite post modern view of a homeschooling, sovereign grace mama... at least from all the reactions I get from being one.. ;)

FX Turk said...

Carla has 7 kids but only 5 solas -- what is she going to do?

David said...

centuri0n, that's easy. I have eight kids. When I ran out of solas, I started handing out points of Calvinism. There are just enough so my wife and I each get one, too. It's just a shame that there's only one total depravity. We could have used eight, for sure.

David Kjos

Shawn said...

I think if I throw something cute(my daughter) in with the picture you can't tell I am ugly. Does it work?

Phil Johnson said...

Brad "Sojourner" Williams writes: "Carla: I thought that it was oie of those old radio microphones and you were singing into it.

That's just what I thought about the frog.

Char said...

I always knew Carla's picture was a self portrait with a camera in it. I feel so superior.
And, knowing the origin of Habitans' pic does not make it any less hideous.

BTW, If anyone happens to look at that that photo on my blog: guess how old I am and add oh ten or fifteen years-then you will be close to my actual age... :)

Jeremy Weaver said...

What about my picture? I'm as ugly as anybody else out there!

Bret Capranica said...

"Staid"?? I prefer classy - sophisticated, comfortable yet not stuffy. Must a dog be mangy?