09 August 2005

The triumphant return of BlogSpotting

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Jeremy Weaver said...

You're not melted, you're crusted over!:)

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Phil, I have to agree with Sean Higgins' appreciation for Apple's superiority.

Dell = hatchet
Mac = chainsaw

Clare said...

As a former mac user now with a dell, I weep every time I log on...

Oh for the funds to go back to the paths of righteousness!!!

GeneMBridges said...

You know you've arrived when Satan commends your blog!

Think about that if you ever want to list endorsements! LOL

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the Taiwanese guy has a lot of questions! Are you sure Phil that he isn't trying to get you to go on a missions trip to China in hopes that they will stop bothering Taiwan?

Just a thought! ;-)

SJ Camp said...

Dear Phil:

I was wondering what happened to Jus... he has been so quiet on my blog lately.


Away From The Brink said...

Boy, that is no lie about "making rock and roll worse." I tend to listen to secular jazz instead of "Christian Rock" these days, though I was quite the "Christian Rock" dog back in the 1980's. So much Christian music these days is generic and boring. I think it is written to get that all important Sunday School Chorus market.

GL said...

This is among the most fun features in the Christian blogosphere. Any time I see that you're BlogSpotting I know we're all in for gallivanting treat.

Nutriaboy said...

Phil, I forgot about these guys: http://www.flukerfarms.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=13
Chocolate covered crickets. I've eaten those a few times as well.

May your taste buds be merry!


Chris Meirose said...

I can attest to two things related to this post:

1) Carpenter ants taste lemony.
2) Who does Apple think it's kidding with it's over priced under performing laptops? They are making a model with a screen only slightly larger than my PDA as their $2000 entry level model.

Big Chris
Because I said so blog

Paul said...


I did not want to re-hash any old wounds, I thought that dusting off the Merkle story could only help the Cubbies in their push for the wild card.

Just 6.5 back of the Astros.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Mrclm, your information on Apple would be funny if it wasn’t so fallacious. First, Apple actually does outperform PCs on many fronts (check the stats for yourself). Second, exactly what Mac entry model starts at $2000? Third, who started the 17-inch revolution for laptops? Unfortunately, your “Because I said so” motto doesn’t apply here, your claims must be based on fact.

FX Turk said...

"Yeah, well, my GameBoy wasn't too hard to configure, either. Have fun with it."

Your GameBoy, however, cannot publish everything from professional video to simple 2-page tracts in CMYK color.

It turns out that Steve Hays is a theonomist and Phil Johnson is a W!ndows bigot. Where have all the good men gone?

MTG said...

And I was just happy that XP configured my iPod for me........

Frank Martens said...

nutria boy states: "Chocolate covered crickets. I've eaten those a few times as well."

I state: "A few years ago Cold Stone Creamery had a deal going that if you ate a whole bowl of Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Crickets as a mixin, you would get a free bowl of Ice Cream. They weren't too bad, I visited every store in town to get me some of that (and a free bowl of course)"

Steve said...

Thanks, Phil, for refusing to respond point by point to excessively verbose arguments from those who disagree with you. There are a lot of theological windbags in the blogosphere who waste everyone's time as they try to gain points quibbling over pawns after you've checkmated their king.

Phil Johnson said...

...but some of those windbags are my favorite people in the blogosphere. And as "General" so elegantly pointed out yesterday, perhaps I'm not really in the most advantageous position to make a credible complaint about undue verbosity.

I am, however, too busy and too forgetful to answer more than two or three points in one post.

JRODFOSS said...


If your ever in Cambodia you need to try the Fried Spiders, Snakes and Salted Fish. Yum Yum.

空白 said...


I am very like your blog, but my English is pool.
I want study it's and to become readers of your blog.

Nice to meet you~

      - Satan from Taiwan -

Kate said...


It is nice to know that you can converse with Satan and still come out swinging. :+)

I think eating larvae of any creature defies the law of something somewhere - maybe common sense? Give me a ~normal~ fajita anyday and I am a happy gal.

:+) Kate

Phil Johnson said...

Stan from Taiwan:

Your English is better than my Chinese.

(But I like my transliteration of 撒旦 better than "Satan.")

Nice to meet you, too.

Chris Meirose said...

Jonathan M.
We just bought an Apple Laptop for my finacee, so I'm well versed on the ins and outs of their current line up. I stand by my statement.


15.2-inch TFT Display
1280x854 resolution
1.5GHz PowerPC G4
80GB Hard Drive
ATI Mobility Radeon
9700 (64 MB DDR)
Backlit keyboard
Gigabit Ethernet
FireWire 400 & 800
Analog audio in/out
DVI & S-Video out

Nothing special, $2000 later. And she is hating the new OS. The backlit keyboard leaves me scratching my head wondering why? How many people are typing in the dark AND watching the keyboard when typing?

Big Chris
Because I said so

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Again mrclm, “Because I said so” doesn’t cut it. In your previous post you said the “entry level model” is $2000. The 15.2-inch Powerbook is hardly an “entry level model.” Concerning the backlit keyboard, just because you are scratching your head in amazement doesn’t mean that other people don’t use it. I myself work in a dark environment where the backlighting comes in very handy. Maybe you are just jealous because Dell never thought of producing such an aesthetically superior and technologically innovative machine. And that’s not just “Because I said so” :-)

Jonathan Moorhead said...

One more thing mrclm, I thought you said that the $2000 computer's screen was only the size of your PDA. Now you say it is 15.2-inches?

Phil Johnson said...


Let's not swerve off topic, and let's not make my comments threads a forum for petty arguments. I don't think many readers take every word of every tirade literally. If we're going to start a fight here, let's make sure you're fighting over something worth the effort.

If anyone wants a petty, trifling argument, I can recommend some other blogs that specialize in that sort of thing...

SKH said...

I know for myself that I took your original tirade allegorically as a not so subtle outburst of jealousy. Either that or a postmodern way to say that you like Macs too.

And while I understand the need to discourage the current debate thread, I thought it was kind of fun for a trifling argument.

Finally, just for the record, I have argued elsewhere for the benefits of the PC. I am a believer in equal air time...or something like that.

Dave Davis said...

In a desperate attempt to get blogspotted by Phil

I am posting this comment.
with my new stunning photo.

I think i look like a cross with phil during his marathon days.

You know, I came up with a real cool name for my site and everything.

Hopefully by the Lord's grace i may get blogspotted but I don't know


Rob Wilkerson said...


Actually that was C. J. Mahaney's head. He wanted the first pyro tat.