17 August 2005

On the road again

PyroManiacI'll be out of town through Friday night. If I have any connectivity along the way, I'll try to blog, but no promises.

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Chris Meirose said...

I can't wait to hear tales of what disaster befalls you on this trip. While I wish you a safe trip, a little bit of chaos is always fun to read. BTW, I've been listening to a number of your sermons archived on your church's website, and have really been enjoying them.

Big Chris
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Clare said...

AT last, peace and quiet...


fickett said...

I've heard from someone who is on the bus with Phil -- they said that the bus was several hours late because the A/C was not working.

I'm sure more disasters will follow.

Steve said...

Thanks, Fickett, for the update. It's actually kind of reassuring to know that all is going "normal" on Phil's trip. :)

Bhedr said...

Dear Phil,

My purpose for this little roundabout with Steve was not to win a debate but to draw him out of the "Black Hole" Campi so accurately described. Did he prove me to be ignorant on things? Yes. He also probably felt I was being reactionary this time around but was I? In the end I didn't need his books or his biblical interpretation to prove that his view of Theonomy(and I might add most men today) is humanistic: I needed him. I hope you can see what I am talking about. Phil please don't fall into the trap of thinking flesh and blood will win the battle, it's easy to do. Steve Hays and I are little OZ men. If his purpose was to prove me a fool then fine; but in the words of the late Obiwan Kenobi :-) Who is the more fool? The fool or the one who follows him. I say this to all men who read this blog: Get your eyes off of the wizard of Oz and put them on Yeshua.

God also told Samuel when Israel rejected His theocracy, "They have not rejected you, they have rejected me."

When John the Baptist and Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is at hand." They meant it. It is wholly and completely not of this world and any human imagination that exalts itself against it.

I still vote and pray for leaders as well as thank God for this nation he allowed me to live in. I also fought for it and would still do so today if given another chance.

By the way Steve Hays feels that broad and sweeping statements should not be used. On his site I saw an excellent example of one in bold letters. Jus referred to Campi as being Howard Stern. I don't understand in one comment he said Campi was a great Christian and wonderful singer and he hoped that more would be like him. Now he compares him with a pornographer who indulges in the most ungodly behavior. If this is not reactionary, I don't know what is. There is no shame in that "Black Hole" and its purpose is to grind.

Away From The Brink said...

Hey Phil:

Seen this post re: Spurgeon?

Onward Christian Smokers

CSB said...

Given the terrism fears these days....do they let Pyromaniacs on public transportation?

Hipolit Śrem said...

haha fireworks... i like