20 August 2005

Because I can't help it anymore...

Here's an incomplete list of some recent links back to PyroManiac. I didn't have a lot of time to assemble a longer list. If I get an opportunity, I'll do more BlogSpotting soon.

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Steve said...

Christian Survey said:

"I don’t think Johnson’s post qualifies as reform. It is not productive as all reforming actions should be."

Not as productive as all reforming actions should be? Huh?

Those who are eager to bring about moral and political reform would find themselves FAR more productive if they would keep in mind that moral and political reform cannot truly take place until spiritual reform has happened first.

That's why it's so tragic when Christian spokespeople devote a lot of energy to moral and political reform and de-emphasize or neglect the matter of spiritual reform via the gospel or God's truth. They do this in the name of "not offending anyone" or "ecumenical cooperation." But to do so is like attempting to get rid of an obnoxious weed in your lawn by merely whacking away the above-ground portion (the moral or political issue). The real problem lies underground in the roots (the spiritual issue). Until you've dealt with the root, the weed is merely going to grow back...and no change will have taken place.

agonizomai said...

Steve said:

"Until you've dealt with the root, the weed is merely going to grow back...and no change will have taken place."

I agree. I once heard an anecdote about how people could qualify for release from the insane asylum. The staff, who conducted annual examinations hit upon this idea...

They would put each candidate for release into closed courtyard in which there was a mop and bucket, and a spigot from which water was gushing. Those inmates who turned off the spigot before attempting to mop up were the ones that were released.

Same thing.

Paul said...

Thanks for "spotting" me. It has led to a whole bunch of old friends re-connecting!
As for Michael Haykin, have you checked out his personal web site at http://haykin.luxpub.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1
There is a growing assortment of excellent (and I assume yet unpublished) biographical works and historical papers. All for free!
An excellent resource.
Paul Martin

Paul said...

I thought of one more resource today that you and your readers might appreciate. We have a four-part series of lectures (in print http://gfcto.com/articles/theology/articles.htm and in free audio download http://gfcto.com/audio.htm ) of Dr. Haykin lecturing on the history of the church from Pentecost to today.
The reason we asked him to tackle this was the huge lack of basic church history knowledge among Christians in our area. The goal was to get a bird's eye view of the entire 2000 years - and Michael did not disappoint!
I highly recommend downloading the lectures – the notes are not as full.