06 September 2005

Back to work

I'm back home from vacation. Labor Day is over. Lots of work was waiting for me at the office this morning. I was so busy catching up with stuff I didn't do last week that I didn't even have time to post to the blog today.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to post the first of two or three posts giving my candid thoughts about the controversy surrounding Dr. Robert Millet's book on Mormonism. Stay tuned.

John MacArthur is also back from his 3-month sabbatical. He came to Grace to You this afternoon to record material for the broadcast (after a staff meeting at the church this morning). I spent about about a half hour in the studio interviewing him about the Katrina aftermath, and we recorded that conversation. It was interesting to get his thoughts, and we're going to try to use that interview for a special broadcast in a few days.

I'm also going to try a new theme for my bloggraphics this week: postcards. I hope it'll be less controversial than last week's comic-book covers. After all, postcards should be pretty innocuous, right? Monday's post on Tulsa featured the first postcard of the series. Here's the second, celebrating my return from vacation. This is a classic 70s-era picture of the valley I call home:

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Cindy Swanson said...

Phil, I really look forward to hearing your pastor's comments on Katrina. Whenever I'm able to catch his radio program, I'm always blessed.

Love the postcards!

Renee said...

I too would be interested in hearing Pastor MacArthur's biblical insight into the hurricane.

Steve said...

Cool...a postcard of Santa Clarita BEFORE the invasion by Wal-Mart, Petsmart, and everything-else mart.

Glad you're going to comment on Robert Millet's book. As you probably know, the ad copy on Amazon.com states this about Millet:

"Millet is as at home in the writings of such evangelical heroes as C.S. Lewis, J.B. Phillips, John MacArthur and Max Lucado as he is in the teachings of LDS prophets like Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Gordon Hinckley."

Millet can't possibly be "at home" with Phillip's and MacArthur's writings, given the conclusions Millet reaches in his book. I'm sure this statement was written in an attempt to give readers the impression that Millet is of like mind with reputable Bible teachers such as Phillips and MacArthur when, in fact, he's clearly NOT. It's repulsive that Eerdman's would resort to such a deceptive and misleading claim.

Not to bug you, Phil, but I hope you haven't forgotten your August 11 blog in which you mentioned you would share some parallels between Robert Brow's key points in "Evangelical Megashift" and what you see happening in the pomo/emerging church today. You're keeping us on our toes in anticipation. :)

John R. said...

I thought Psalm 29 had good insights for us concerning the great storm and delivered its message to our people here in the mountains of east Tennessee.

David saw the work of God in a storm--and gave Him the Glory: for blessing and calamity.


JRODFOSS said...

Bill McKeever wrote an interesting article on Dr Robert Millets book "Grace Works". It is a lengthy article but one conclusion is that we should not assume that Mormonism is changing just because a BYU professor appears to be struggling with Grace and Works. There have been lots of things published by BYU that did not reflect LDS Doctrine.

I am sure many people will conclude that Mormonism is becoming more Christian just like Roman Catholicism is becoming more Christian.


puritanicoal said...

While we are waiting to hear Dr. MacArthur's insight on Katrina, take a look at James Spurgeon's site (http://howlingcoyote.blogspot.com/) where there is a great series on God's role in relation to Katrina.

As a proclaimed Christian in my workplace, I have been asked several times about what God's role was in Katrina. This is tantamount to a non-Christian asking, "Please share the Gospel with me." We should be able to answer Biblically and confidently.

dogpreacher said...

Right on Puritanicoal. Phil, I have read Piper, Steve Camp, and James Spurgeon on Katrina, and anxiously await your thoughts as well as MacArthurs. I agree with Steve concerning Millet...reader beware. I will look forward to your post.

Terry Lange said...

Three month sabbatical... wow...

How many books did he crank out during the sabbatical?

I wish I could have a sabbatical from my job so I can take more seminary classes and finish sooner... alas tis not to be!

Denise said...

C.S. Lewis an evangelical? Well, that IS Amazon for you. If you haven't lately, re-read "Mere Christianity" and see what he believes about regeneration, repentance, and redemption (under the chapter "The Perfect Penitent" pgs. 53-59; 62).

Was Millet at the Mormon/Evangelical meeting at the Tabernacle which Ravi Zacharias and Rich Mouw (he apologized on behalf of all Evangelical Christians)spoke at?

JRODFOSS said...


I believe that Millet is one of the Mormons that has influenced Mouw and it is my understanding that Millet is the reason Mouw was able to speak at the conference. Knowing that I would assume that he was there.

One things for sure Mouw's comments have not slowed down the witnessing in Utah.


Char said...

Ah Phil, If you think postcards can't be controversial, you've never seen Post secret:
Heheh. a whole new can of worms. Besides, I have faith that you all could make soft fluffy puppies controversial.

oh and warning: some of the postcards on that site may be offensive, so scroll through at your own discretion.

Chris Meirose said...

It astounds me that Mormons think they are Christians, and it further astounds me that there are Christians who thin Mormons are Christians. I dealt with some LDS cult missionaries a few weeks back (lovingly encouraging them to examine thier faith), and they were offended (or feigned it) when I told them they were not Christians, and that any educated Christian should not consider them to fall within the Orthodox faith, thereby in all likelihood excluding them from heaven unless they repent and seek the true God. I posted for a few days related to in on my blog, with some info from James White's AO ministry among other places.

Big Chris
Because I said so

Frank Martens said...

When is MacArthur's interview with you going to air? and will it be via podcast as well?