22 November 2005

This should be good

Some guys I know are starting a blog, January 1. Flag this one. These guys will tackle provocative issues without fear and without equivocation, but in a way that's a lot more cultured, well-mannered, and respectable than the PyroManiac.

In their introductory post, they say,

We chose the name "faith and practice" because it encompasses all areas of theology, from the systematic to the practical; and also because it serves as a vivid reminder to all of us that true Christianity does not consist of mere theory, but of wholehearted obedience to the truth (cf. John 14:15).

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Forgiven Sinner said...

Looks like it will be pretty interesting!!!!

Brad Huston said...

Adding it to my blogroll now before I forget. Thanks for the heads up, Phil.

Mike Perrigoue said...

Can't wait!

art said...

I wonder if their logo is a play on the foundationalist theory of knowledge...I wonder what the E would be?

Deathrow Bodine said...

Wow Phil,

Are you responsible for those graphics on the FP Blog? I know of 30 person ad agencies with 10 graphic designers that can't pull off the creativity you seem to churn out. What's up with that? Do you have help or is all this a product of one twisted mind?

Phil Johnson said...

The F&P guys did their own graphics.

All the graphics at PyroManiac are indeed the products of one severely twisted mind, however.