08 November 2005

Four reasons there was no regular blogpost today

My new Profile picture. Whaddya think?
My new Profile picture. Whaddya think?
  1. My allergies have left me feeling worse than ever today. I awoke at 3:00 AM unable to breathe and hence unable to sleep. So I went to the office at 4:00 this morning and have been fatigued all day.
  2. I spent most of the day today glued to the telephone, participating by long distance in a board meeting located in Bradenton, Florida. I would have much preferred to be there in person, but I'm glad not to be on the road on a day when I feel so lousy.
  3. I broke down and bought an iPod yesterday. So in the background of everything else I'm doing today, I've started ripping my copious CD collection and uploading it to the iPod (mostly Classical disks).
         The iPod is wonderfully designed, with no moving parts, a minimum of buttons and cables, a totally intuitive system (the "user's manual" is a single folded sheet of paper with less info than the liner notes in a typical CD. The software works brilliantly. I'm going to love it. I already do.
         The best immediate benefit for me is the ability to subscribe to John Piper's podcast. "Desiring God Radio" wasn't on any radio outlet I could easily listen to (and I don't normally like to use my computer as a listening device, because if I'm using the computer at all, all I want is background music, and I don't want even that to slow down or get in the way of whatever I am doing). But with the iPod, I can get the feed for each day's broadcast automatically delivered when I plug it in the morning, and I can listen anytime at my leisure.
         Today's message from Piper is the middle lecture of a three-part series on Athanasius, the hero of the Arian conflict in the fourth century. Piper's observations are brilliant and priceless. He says it's not enough to profess love for the Person of Christ; we must fight for true propositions about Him as well. He demonstrates why extrabiblical language is sometimes vital in the defense of biblical truth. He shows a lot of parallels between the methodology Arius employed in peddling his heresy and the way people with questionable orthodoxy today are maneuvering to try to commandeer the mainstream of the evangelical movement. In all, it's one of the best historical studies I've ever heard Piper deliver. You can listen to the whole three-day series at Oneplace.com.
  4. I've taken more Benadryl. Several people advised me that Claritin-D would be effective without the drowsiness. I tried it. It did not cause drowsiness, but it also had no perceptible effect on the allergy symptoms
         If the Benadryl wears off tomorrow and I get home at a reasonable time, I'll pick up where we left off on the issue of modern prophecy. In the meantime, go easy on me. I don't have time, energy, or mental focus enough to answer antagonistic comments.

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Gnarlypop said...

I share your pain. Allergies are the absolute pits...

Christopher said...

Of all the CD's I have ripped, the classical ones have been the worst for data avaliable. That said, having all your music at hand is great.

Steve said...

Phil said: "I awoke at 3:00 AM unable to breathe and hence unable to sleep. So I went to the office at 4:00 this morning and have been fatigued all day."

Sounds like a typical spring day for me when allergy season hits here in the Northwest.

I'm sure one side benefit of buying the iPod is it might help distract you a wee bit from your agony.

As for podcasts, they don't work well for those of us who don't hear well. I look forward to the day when e-transcripts become the norm. Only then will I enjoy the riches everyone else does.

Chris Dean said...

As a person who has 24x7x365 hay fever allergies, I will pray for your relief Phil (and for your wife, if you snore as I do because of them). :)

BTW, thank you for making available an overly-generous selection of GraceLife podcasts. I recently discovered their existence and it took me almost a full day to download all 203 of them!

Now I wish I would've bought a bigger iPod...

SB said...

Singulair--it works

also there are some great Sov-Grace (http://www.covlife.org/tools/sermons.php &
Podcasts (and Adrian's of course)

of course we all wonder if you subcribe to your Grace Life one and GTY one

by the way i do want to use some Tiger Balm my mom has some i need to get it and im praying for you brother

suzi said...

Claritin-D is proving to have some bad side effects on people. My son, who is eight, and my dad both experienced depression with in days of taking it. You want the stuff that works the best? Unfortunately this would mean a trip to your doctors office and that long horrible wait, but ask him to get you Allegra. Absolutely the best allergy, non-tiring, medicine our family has used! It would be well worth the relief!
Hey, that is a great pick! We can see those dimples...teehee ;)


Jeremy said...


Of course this means that your next computer is going to be a Mac right... I mean you do see the superior nature of an Apple product as opposed to something else???? We will be praying for you and your allergies too!

David A. Carlson said...


It takes a month, but after that, your hooked stronger than a Heroin addict.

Also - Whats up with the Global Bridgroom Fast and the IHOP folks?

TulipGirl said...

What a disappointment. Next time you need to attend a board meeting in Bradenton, let us know. Now that we're not in Ukraine we're living on the Florida west coast. We'd love to have you over for dinner. (Or, if you need something less people-intensive, grab an ice cream at Big Olaf's.)

Carol said...

Welcome to the world of portable podcasts! And thanks for the tip on Piper's. I'd love to d/l a few. Got a link?

I love my iPod!

Steve said...

Phil, as long as you're doing a "Four Reasons" blog, I may as well do my "Ten Reasons" comment I've been waiting for an opportunity to submit. I haven't submitted it yet because I didn't want to be off-topic. But now seems as good a time as any to take what I admit to be a shot at earning one of those coveted bumper stickers:


1. Great writing (too many bloggers put little effort or creativity in their writing and really should be called blah-gers)
2. Great teaching and content anchored in God's Word
3. Great graphics
4. Great commenters
5. Great dry wit and self-depreciating humor
6. Great links to other great content in the blogosphere
7. Great blogspotting
8. Great advertising (for Tiger Balm, the Chicago Cubs, promotional coffee mugs from fellow bloggers)
9. Great guest bloggers (Spurgeon, MacArthur...)
10. Great variety and a penchant for being unpredictable--you never know what might show up next on Pyromaniac

Dan said...

In addition to the music, my iPod works really well for my GraceLife and Shepherd's Conference downloads, which in turn play quite nicely during my commute. (Although I've had to enter a lot of the MP3 track information by hand, it's still nice to have them)

I hope things improve on the allergy front!

William Dicks said...

I don't know why you have so many problems with allergies.

Don't you know that its just part of the curse and all you have to do is ask Kenneth Copeland or Benny Hinn to pray for you? All that's necessary is the gift of healing or miracles! [heeheehee]

Away From The Brink said...


As a lifelong allergy sufferer, I sympathize completely.

The only thing that takes care of my own allergies, without leaving me whacked out, is Chlor-Trimeton. On me, it works within five minutes.

By the way, did you know that Benadryl, which is Diphenhydramine, is also packaged and sold as Sominex (among others)?

I keep a bottle of Benadryl in my medicine cabinet for those nights I have trouble sleeping. If you compare the cost of Sominex to the cost of generic (Costco Brand) Benadryl, the savings are impressive.

Yep. It is hard to concentrate when one takes sleeping pills for one's allergies.

jane said...

It can't be the olive trees! I'm almost as obsessed with them as you are with Spurgeon :p I'm an olive fanatic and have studied the Biblical significance of the tree, so it would be very ironic--and tragic--if that were the cause. I empathize with you because I'm just getting over (not over it yet) a nasty cold that knocked out my blogging power (not to mention everything else for the past 5 days). I've also suffered from undiagnosed itchy ears for the past seven years (off and on at varying levels of intensity). I suspect it's an allergy though I don't manifest any of the other typical allergy symptoms...and I've lived in CA all my life.

I'm looking forward to blogvertising you all over Marin (okay, not west Marin) as soon as the coveted package arrives...and my husband is very excited about the bonus gift :) I'll be guarding the mailbox in case any of your other readers jet over here to try to intercept it ;)

jc said...

get well soon, pj.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...


Have you ever considered the possibility that your current state of health may be due to your attacks on those who claim to receive direct words from God?

Have you?

I certainly haven't.

FX Turk said...

Phil --

(1) The new protrait ... it looks like your head is floating bodiless in the middle of your logo. That shirt gets lost in the red behind it.

(2) I can answer the antagonistic comments, if you like. Not quite guest blogging, but it would be a different class of people that I could take to the woodshed. All I have left at my blog is that guy "theophile", and he doesn't seem to "get" my objections to his rebuttals. (No offense, theo)

(3) You should get an air filter for your bedroom and your office, and keep the door closed. My wife has an allergy to dust that kills in the winter because the house is mostly shut up. Last winter we bought a $100 3-stage air filter and let it run continuously for a week. At the end of that week, her allergies inproved significantly (not completely eliminated; we don't live in a plastic bubble) and she could sleep at night. This might be one alternative to not sleeping until March.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

I took allergy shots for 7 years when I was young. I empathize with you as one who has “suffered” in Alabama, California, and Texas with wretched allergies (those stinking white trees [Carolina Cherry?] killed me in California!). Lucyplusfour, Allegra doesn’t work for me, bla. P.S.- Benadryl is bad for the prostate.

Jeremy is correct. I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet, but what I say to you I say to all: Phil will be a Mac man.

Charles Sebold said...

Last winter we bought a $100 3-stage air filter and let it run continuously for a week.

cent: brand name? Where did you get it? (Allergies are absolutely killing me this year, and some of it is the dust in the house that just can't be gotten rid of.)

Udarnik said...

Air filter report... Since my life-threatneing auto-immune episode, I suffer from chronic hives, as well as the mild symptoms described by others :-)

We bought a reasonably priced Hamilton Beach® Ultra Digital Air Purifier - Model 04161. True story: One winter day, I was working in my office and the sensor picked up some "bad air" and ratcheted the filter up. I started looking around the house for the source and thought, "I wonder if Emma has her window open." Sure enough, I went to her bedroom, opened the door and she had just opened her window a couple of inches. This thing sniffs out any kind of chemicals or smoke or anything in the air and takes off. This will go a long way...

FX Turk said...


I am both embarassed and edified to tell you that I bought it at WAL*MART, which is also my source for the replacement filters. I can't come up with the name; I'm not at the house right now.

They are about to switch over seasonal at your SuperCenter to winter heaters & Christmas. When the heaters go out, they will also put out air filting devices. DON'T BUY THE ONE THAT CLAIMS TO DO IT ALL WITH AN ELECTROSTATIC FILTER. That's snake oil. Read the boxes, and get a filter that has a 3-stage system where all 3 filters come out and can be replaced, and slightly oversized for the room you want to reduce the "stuff" in.

Then your job is to REPLACE THE FILTERS. When you can see schmutz on the filter, buy a new one. You will be appalled by what you have to pay for new filters because it's like 1/3rd of the price of the machine, but when you think about all the restful nights you get from that filter, it's completely worth it.

The Sinner said...


I've suffered with allergies all my life, particularly in the fall when the Golden Rod blooms out. Anyway, I started taking the supplement quercetin and 1000 mg of Ester C twice daily for another condition. This fall I've had almost no allergy symptoms. I have since discovered that quercetin acts as an anti-histamine and 1000 mg of vitamin C lowers your histamine level by a third. All of this without any noticable side-effects.

I doubt, however, that it will work for you as quickly as Benadryl - you probably need to take it for a couple of weeks to get the full benefit. Oh, and quercetin is fairly expensive.

For what it's worth, I just thought I would pass this info along.

Castusfumus said...

Let's be rational, snort NASONEX and relax. Apply copious amount of earbud pressure and tune into Mendelssohn's Scottish symphony. This is guaranteed to exorcise Ken and Benny.

Doug said...

You can also download a lot of Piper's sermons at www.biblicalpreaching.info. They have his entire series on Romans (7 year's worth) in mp3 format.

David & Rose Ann said...

As a lifelong asthma sufferer with many trips to the ER in October under my belt, I empathize.

As for podcasting, thanks again for making the Grace to You programs available. I walk with them during lunch each work day.

Kim said...

Having dealt with my own allergies, my childrens' allergies and an asthmatic son, I'm only going to offer you my sincere sympathies. I won't even think of giving you any suggestions, because everyone is different. What works for my 13yo asthmatic won't necessarily work for you.

Hope you feel better soon.

jane said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that my husband takes Drixoral (from Costco) for his allergies.

And harvest time for olive trees is Oct-Dec (I've cured my own before), so the fact that you're affected all the way through April vindicates them since I don't think they even start blooming until late spring or summer, and the blossoms (highly fragrant--part of the Jasmine family) only last a couple weeks.

clyde said...

i'm waiting for you to start only buying mac products. apple's iPod have converted many their other fine products. oh, and to let you know, the little one started walking!

Matthew Self said...

Phillip, as someone who may not always be on your side of the argument, I want you to know how much I value your contribution to both the blogosphere and our Christian community. We agree on the main and plain, and I really appreciate your dead-eye focus the Truth.

This charismatic will be praying for your quick recovery! ;)

John Haller said...

Someone want to explain to me the difference between a blog post that appears on the day that a regular blogpost would appear and this one which is claimed to be "not a regular blogpost"?

Must have been the drugs...

Brad said...

Get better already so we can duke this thing out! I want to pound some faith into ya... ha.

Keyser Soze said...

Phil, welcome to the iPod cult. Now for one of the most important decisions you will ever make....what will you name it? (Mullet is taken)

Keyser Soze said...

One other question - did you man-up and go 60GB black iPod video, or did you go 30GB. If you say you went Nano, I will pray for you.

Steve said...

People actually name their iPods?

Well, IF Phil were to name his (and I'd be surprised if he did), I suppose "The PyroPod" would be high on the list.

Pilgrim said...


marc said...

This is too funny. Challies is funneling people to Centuri0n's site and he's over here answering comments for Phil.

Listening to all this allergy talk is making my nose itch, so I'm going back over the the BHT which only makes my skin crawl.

Mike Perrigoue said...

I can identify with not being able to listen to sermons while working on the computer. I do this at work sometimes and many times I find myself halting all work while listening to these sermons.

My favorites:
John Piper (passionate)
John MacArthur (challenging)
R.C. Sproul (scholarly)
Alistair Begg (cool accent)

OnePlace.com doesn't carry Sproul's stuff though...so you gotta' go to Ligonier.

Get well Phil...

Call to Die said...

mike p.-
We share the same favorites on who to listen to on the computer.
I don't listen to Alistair Begg very often and when I do accidently hear him on my radio, I become alarmed because I get his voice mixed up with John Dominic Crossan and I think that my Christian radio station has entirely apostacized.

Zach said...

Well...I've never commented here, but the time has finally come. I just wanted to this blog truly graces my rather large computer monitor...thanks for what you do and I look forward to all the future postings.

And Piper's biographies do indeed rock...

TulipGirl said...

Just an FYI, since you asked about Discoshaman before. . . It looks like the Le Sabot is re-emerging. . .

Jeff H said...

Dude, you wake up at 3 with allergies making you unable to breathe. What did you do, call the doc and he said, "Hey, go to work--it'll cure you right up!!!"

candy said...

On your new picture. It is so...so....umm... red. And the sunglasses? Like soooo Southern California.

candy said...

Oh, in case you're wondering, yes I have noticed you keep changing your picture back and forth. Benadryl does strange things.

By the way, there is an easier way to tell if someone has slipped into charismania rather than utilizing all the theological discussions to discern yea or nay.

1. One must adopt big "har". If a man, then one must adopt strange waves upon the forehead.

2. One must worship a deity known as JAYzuz. The deity prefers to be addressed in that same manner at all times. It is ok to draw it out ....JAYYYYzuzzzzzzz! For affect one can say....in the name of Jayzussssssss!

3. Ikea decor is out! One must adopt furniture and decor in the style of Louis XIV. The more elaborate and gold plated the better. After all, we are Kids of the King.

Progressive Christian said...

If we had universal health care, perhaps you wouldn't have allergies!

jc said...

The links to some of the midis on your "Favorite Things" webpage are no longer active.