30 June 2005

Good eye!

Kudos to Steve Camp, who was the first one correctly to identify the mystery location featured in yesterday's post. He nailed it in the very first comment. It's Bunhill Fields, the famous Puritan and non-conformist burial grounds in City Road, London—burial place of Isaac Watts, John Gill, John Rippon and many other Protestant and Puritan celebs. Directly across the street to the east is John Wesley's home and the church he pastored. I'll try to post a more thorough description of Bunhill Fields with some pictures in Monday's blogpost.

By the way, speaking of Campi—he has officially entered the blogosphere. I always thought his website was his blog, but he now has a cleverly-titled alternative blog with cool graphics and room for readers' comments. (The blog seems to mirror what is already at Audience One, but with the opportunity for commentors to reply, and presumably it won't accumulate three miles of material and take longer than an episode of "Martha Stewart" to load.) Judging from Steve's blogcontent so far, he is going to be prolific. Legit.

PyromaniacAs noted all week, I am invading Adrian Warnock's nation for a week. If Britain had those silly colored terror-alert signals, I'm certain the powers that be would set the alert level to the brightest possible glowing crimson.

Anyway, my flight departs early this evening, but I've got to get home, pack, and get to the airport two hours early. So I'm signing off till I get to the UK. My hotel there is supposed to have high-speed access in every room. If it works, I'll blog a little bit when I get there, including a full update on what I plan to be doing in London and what I'll be speaking about during the School of Theology.


Tom Pilarski said...


Just had to comment on the new photo above your bio. No more casual Hawaiian guy. Is this an attempt to convince us that you are getting more handsome with age? Thanks for bringing you adventure in jolly old England to us.

Matthew Self said...

I'm pretty sure this is Mr. Johnson's attempt to be the "anti-James." The hair is prominently featured in this one.

Bald people are instinctively more humble, though. We don't spend a single second preening in front of the mirror.