22 June 2005

BlogSpotting where I left off Monday

  • Justin Taylor tags me with a book meme, which is probably going to stall right here at PyroManiac, because it came just at the start of my vacation, while I was off line—and I came home to a desk full of urgent stuff. How about I just keep it here until someday when I'm looking for something good to blog about? Then I'll resurrect it just when everyone least expects it. If someone out there would like to be tagged with it, let me know.
  • Carla Rolfe thinks you people are all snobs.
  • Frank Martens is euphoric when he discovers that a "Blogspotting" entry causes his hit counter to increase. When you visit his site, hit "reload" at least five times, and tell Frank I sent you. It's a cheap and harmless tonic for both him and me.
  • Bret Capranica thinks I am out of control. He notes with barely-contained glee that I haven't been able to keep my promise to blog only sporadically. Hey, Bret, tell Kelly hi from Darlene and me. Here's a miniature of the Bobble-head for her:
  • Kevin Jones wonders what he has to do to get BlogSpotted. I thought Jared over at the Nexus of the Cerebral Universe® had already made that clear.

Of course, I do miss the occasional blogreference, no matter how unrelentingly I Google for blogged links to PyroManiac. If anyone wants to be sure to get BlogSpotted, send me an e-mail with a link to your blogged insult, disagreement, mockery, or words of appreciation. I try my best to be an equal-opportunity BlogSpotter.


Jeff said...

Phil, I am working on producing a new journal Countercult Apologetics Journal (excuse the current mess)!

Below is part of an Email I've been sending out:

The focus of this journal will be to publish material specifically related to cults and world religions. Currently I'm thinking of an annual publication which would include articles, reviews, news, recommendations, reports (e.g.. LDS outreach), announcements, interviews, etc.

The articles will deal with basic cult and world religion theology, but if you know anything about false religions, they have become more sophisticated in their apologetic. For example, Greg Stafford (a Jehovah's Witness) is writing a refutation of Murray Harris' Jesus As God. You might also be aware that Eerdmans just published a Mormon apologetics book written by Robert Millet (a BYU Prof.).

Needless to say, I'm looking for some article submissions from individuals such as yourself. Perhaps something dealing with a specific text that the
cults twist to their own destruction or a specific theological topic related to cults, world religions or other related topics. Those in the Countercult community (such as myself) need some fresh ideas from scholars to be able to take into the trenches. Can you help?

If you need me to recommend a text or a subject I can do that. Please let me know if you are willing to submit something. I'm looking to officially publish the journal in Jan. 06 so there is plenty of time. But, I want to make this an outstanding publication with the hope of going paper with it in 2007.

PS. If you know someone (e.g. Students) who might be interested, please pass this on. I'd appreciate it

Look foward to hearing from you.

Frank Martens said...

I don't get what you're saying that I'm inflating my counter o_O.

If you hit reload 5 times it's supposed to prevent the same person from making the counter go higher in a given day. :)



Phil Johnson said...

Frank: Yeah, it was late last night when I wrote that. Sorry. I unintentionally made it sound like you were dabbling in shady hit-counter tactics. I rewrote it lest anyone think you guilty of some cheesy kind of fraud.

Frank Martens said...

Yea it's not a problem, after I posted my comment, I was like... "Maybe I should have put a bit more sacrasm into that" :)

And to the rest of you peoples, Phil is right, Jared did make it clear on how to get noticed! Just be ready to possibly be scrutinized! :)

Anyways, have a great week/weekend/remainder of the week.

Tim Challies said...

I don't mean to burst any bubbles, but refreshing a page generally does not increase the hit count (at least on a decent traffic meter). Most of them track IP addresses and count any refreshes within an hour only one visit.

Josiah said...

Another helpful source when trying to find out who is talking about you is Technorati. You can do a search such as this: PyroManiac