20 June 2005

Blogspotting Again

  • Swamphopper at The Rough Woodsman has some nice things to say. He points muddled people this way.
  • Jared at Thinklings was confused about whether I'm confused about the correct way to handle links to other blogs. He notes "that when most bloggers do a posted collection of links, they don't normally just collect links to posts about themselves." Yes, I know. That's what the blogroll is supposed to be for, isn't it? Problem is, I keep finding links to PyroManiac, and I want to interact with them all—friends and critics alike. It's my nod to the native narcissism of the blogosphere. Plus, it helps my mom keep track of all the new things people have found to criticize me for.

That's all I have time for now. My flight is about to board.


FX Turk said...

PP has mugs and t-shirts, Phil has bobble heads ...

What kind foa Christian retailer do I think I am if I can't market a trinket via the blog? My blog gets (almost) as much traffic as my store -- I should be able to sell SOMETHING over there ...

Dan Cruver said...

Since the idea originated on my blog, do I get a little kick-back?


KS said...

I did not rip Dan Cruver! You misunderstood my posts in response to Dan and Dave Cruver. Read them again and understand.

Paul Schafer

Sled Dog said...

The world is truly small...I checked out Patrick Lacson's post and discovered that I attended the same school that I did (Grace School of Theology and Ministry) and attended the church of one of the school'sprofs (the quiet, reserved, calm Steve Fernandez ;-) )

JD Wetterling said...

“It's my nod to the native narcissism of the blogosphere.” Wish I’d said that. I confess I’m guilty as charged, but it sure is nice to have so much company now. It was pretty lonesome when I started my (non-blogging, until 2 months ago) website back in ’98 (jdwetterling.com). And I’m proud to link to a free-spirited Calvinist co-conspirator….

Sled Dog said...

I meant to say..."HE attended the same school..."

Patrick said...

yo sleddog1710!

small world indeed! i've always enjoyed the mild-mannered Steve Fernandez! yeah right! praise god for our pastor.

i believe it was through Steve that PJ came to visit CBC and GSTM.. hopefully PJ can visit the Bay Area again.

Sled Dog said...

I was at GSTM 84-86...the "early years" when we met in that old school in Pinole. Fernandez, Griffith, Howard were wonderful teachers. The desks were kind of creaky, though...

Frank Martens said...

I am having a heck of a time finding your contact info Phil.

You deffinetly need a "contact" page, with a nice little form to fill out and little umbrella's (possibly on fire) decorated everywhere :)

Phil Johnson said...

OK, I caved in to the many demands that I make my contact info more prominent. You'll find a link next to my profile info.

I used to have my e-mail address all over my websites, but in 1998, my e-mail client rebelled under the weight of so much spam. Since then I have tried to make it hard, not easy, for people to e-mail me. So be discreet in how you use this, please. I have enough people writing me daily from central Africa who have vast sums of money they want to give me, if I'll just help them smuggle their cash into the USA.

Patrick said...


Exposing your email address like you did in the spurgeon.org site is easy target for email spiders. Instead, hide your email address.


My Address

If you do a view source on this comment you'll see that the "@" symbol is using funky HTML characters: & # 6 4 ; (without the spaces)

It might be too late for you since everyone and their mom from Nigeria has your address in their spam black book. In the future when you have a new email address make sure to hide it using similar techniques.

Chris Meirose said...

But just think Phil, if you just help one general from Nigeria smuggle his money here, you could help all the others with their money woes and build a fortune, just by bringing money to the USA. It would bring an economic boom to California.....hehehe.....

Big Chris
Because I said so

Michael Kelley said...

The one of the easiest things to do to make your email address easily visible, but immune to spam spiders is to simple display the address in an image.

Cruv said...

I've used a neat javascript tool to display my email addy normally but is impervious to spam bots.

<script language="javascript">
str=str+'<a href="mail';
str=str+'">click here</a>';

Too see this javascript in action, check out www.totellyouthetruth.net and look on the top right of the page.