10 June 2005



c.t. said...

Kevin Johnson writes in that post:

I personally enjoy the blogosphere because it has worked to overthrow established inhibitions to legitimate and needed dialogue that doesn’t get a chance to be heard over the pontificating of the establishment in Reformedville and elsewhere.

Yet he is known for deleting every - make that every - comment on his blog that gets anywhere near 'too close' to stinging (or that acually stings) 'ol Kevin and his views.

Not just me, everybody who isn't like his friend Tim ("Another great post, Kevin!")

Read the Bible (complete, many times, get the oceanic background you can only get from dedicated, day by day, Genesis-through-Revelation complete readings), pray, fast, do the two great commandments, provoke limits | extend limits, cultivate real gratitude over resentment in the moment, in events, difficult moments, difficult events, watch, awaken, love your enemies, evangelize the faith (if even just with your very presence and words and deeds)...

Increase understanding.

Fear God, not man. Fear God and pursue wisdom.

Don't be still pool dead.

c.t. said...

This is not off-topic, because you linked Kevin's blog:

Those who tend to wring their hands over church matters (church unity, or lack thereof, however that is perceived, etc.) just realize this:

You are a follower of Christ, yes? Then right now, and when you are at the point of death, you are in the Church of which Christ is King.

Right now you are. Your King is now holding court in His Mediatorial Kingdom right now. His Church is in tact and Spirit-filled and unified.

When you are (seemingly) alone or when you're gathered with other followers of Christ you are in His Church now. The unified, Holy Spirit infused Church of which Christ is King.

I mention 'when you are at the point of death' because you need to use the inevitability of your own physical death for perspective. Going day to day saying the same things, doing the same things, wringing your hands over the same things, is a kind of living death. Put on the Kingdom now. Live it.

As somebody wrote on your site, Kevin, Jesus knows of the divisions and denominations and branches of His visible Church. He also knows what's in everybody's heart. His elect from all time, in the flesh and no longer in the flesh, make up the true body of His Church, and it is unified.

Run your race and be that which you want others to be.

You're in Christ's Church now, and it doesn't need anymore unity - it is perfectly unified now.

c.t. said...

"Don't be still pool dead." is not an insult, Phil, by the way, it's a simple metaphor. Still pools of water tend to become unwholesome and unhealthy. We can all get like that. We need to flow and get oxygen and sunlight coursing through us...

S. C. Mooney said...

Congratulations on the increasing popularity of your Blog. I had noticed your classification of Harry Seabrook's Little Geneva as "appalling" and had wondered about that. Thanks for providing some additional explanation. However, I still am wondering. How carefully have you read the site? How carefully did you consider your terminology when you chose to refer to it as "white supremecy." From what I see, Harry constantly affirms that he does not hold the blanket superiority of the white race. He has a particular interest in and concern for his own people. Would you also consider blacks who demonstrate a particular interest in and concern for their own people "appalling"? For example: http://www.christianpost.com/article/society/1357/full/black.evangelicals.launch.coalition.to.protect.americas.moral.compass/1.htm
Will you speak out against this as well?

Kurt N. said...

Okay, so Seabrook is willing to write an entire essay demonstrating why Piper is a traitor for advocating interracial marriage...but he's not a racist?


*pause for breath*


You a verra funny man, yes?

Renee said...

Thanks for the blog roundup of the week.

This site is becoming a must read on my blog list. I am still learning about some of the different movements going on out there (before reading Phil's blog I never heard of Little Geneva or the Emergent stuff.

Thanks Phil

Carla Rolfe said...

eeek... a shout out from the Pyromaniac, and me with nowhere to hide.

puts a paper sack over head and says 'Carla who?'

Rae Whitlock said...

Whoa! Phil linked me! :D

Warren said...

Thanks for the link -- even though you skipped tha part where I admitted it was hyperbole!

I think it's about time you started blogging -- you've got a lot to contribute!

SKH said...

Not that I'm offended or anything to be left off the list, but you would be able to spot my blog blitz for Pyromaniac at on fire or godly blogging

Rob Wilkerson said...

Phil! Thanks for your blog bro! You don't remember me, but I worked at GCC for a year and a half as Campy's intern, and I'm a fellow member of FIRE. We hooked up one evening at dinner when the national conf was at Lance's church. So that sort of makes you a kindred bro. Thanks again.

Frank Martens said...


Do you talk so blatanly on purpose to cause such heated discussions? :)

And I don't ask that to ridicule you or anything, I just notice people post heated comments :)

Hope all is well, and interesting resource referenced... I'll be referencing their blogs from my site.


Phil Johnson said...

S. C. Mooney:

I don't really approve of any group whose main raison d'ĂȘtre is based on racial identity. But I didn't see any deliberate racial slurs at the site you referenced.

So no, I don't find it nearly as appalling as Harry's Kinky Kinist Kennel.

S. C. Mooney said...

I didn't see any racial slurs on the site I linked to either, but then, I haven't seen any racial slurs on Little Geneva either. So, we immediately get down to the definition of "racial slur." Can you point out an example of what you consider to be a "racial slur" on Little Geneva?

Andrew said...

I continue to like what I see! Keep up the good work.

Phil Johnson said...

Mr. Mooney:

You wrote: "Can you point out an example of what you consider to be a 'racial slur' on Little Geneva?"

Well, yes. For example: In today's (June 11) entry at his site, Mr. Seabrook writes: "Lying about Scripture makes blacks feel better about themselves."

In the very next sentence, he talks about "Wesleyans who are . . . ready to be Negrified."

You shouldn't have to look very far to find similar examples. Seabrook's blog is peppered with stuff like that. Disrespect for anyone who is not southern, white, and segregated constantly drips from his writings, making his occasional protests that he is not a racist or a white supremacist ring utterly hollow.

Phil Johnson said...

For those demanding that I justify my accusation of racism against Harry Seabrook:

From the Oxford English Dictionary:

Racism—(Belief in, adherence to, or advocacy of) the theory that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, qualities, etc., specific to that race, esp. distinguishing it as inferior or superior to another race or races; prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism based on this.

Harry Seabrook:

"Generally speaking, color and character are indistinguishable—because of shared culture. I make this observation as one who is regrettably watching the white race sink into abject servitude, despite isolated exceptions. In the 19th century, it could safely be said that all blacks were either uncivilized or semi-civilized, and so men spoke in terms of blacks being an inferior race. Frank Owsley writes: 'For ten years the South, already ruined by the loss of nearly $2,000,000,000 invested in slaves, with its land worthless, its cattle and stock gone, its houses burned, was turned over to the three millions of former slaves, some of whom could still remember the taste of human flesh and the bulk of them hardly three generations removed from cannibalism.' Statistically, it is still the case that blacks are inferior."

Phil Johnson said...

To Badonicus and others who sympathize with racist ideas:

In response to someone who insisted that I needed to define my terms, I gave a dictionary definition of racism and cited a quote from Harry Seabrook to demonstrate why the term applies prima facie to what he has posted on his blog.

If you had disputed my definition or the accuracy of the quotation I gave, that would have been one thing. But you're not going to turn this thread into a discussion of whether Harry's ideas about racial inferiority can be "proven" by numerical statistics. All posts in that vein will be deleted, because they are off-topic.

For future reference: don't try to use my blog as a forum for your rebellion against the spirit of Galatians 3:28. You already are propagating more than enough of that kind of bigotry at your own blogs. Keep it there, please.

Unknown said...
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Phil Johnson said...

That's two strikes, Badonicus.

See the blogrules at the bottom right of the front page.

S. C. Mooney said...

Mr. Johnson,

I certainly do not wish to contribute to a circus atmoshpere on your Blog. There are some serious-minded comments and questions I would like to follow up with concerning your last remarks to me. Your email address is not given on your profile, but mine is. If you would care to email me, we respectfully could pursue some further discussion as time permits.